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What is a Polytunnel?

A common question from many people is “what is the difference between a polytunnel and a greenhouse?” The simple answer is, not a lot! but with a polytunnel you will generally get TWICE the space for HALF the price. 

Polytunnels are a must for both professional and home growers who want to extend the natural growing season, allowing you to start earlier and extend the normal end-of-season. For the professional grower, our polytunnels for sale offer fantastic value for money, and yet they will last for many years. In fact one of the first tunnels we sold many years ago still looks as if it was just built this month! 

Pro Polytunnels - The ideal growing environment

The inside of our poly tunnels you will find, will be warmer and more humid than the outside, therefore creating an ideal environment for your crops (compared to our usual variable UK weather). The polytunnel cover also helps protect against rain, wind, snow, pests and any other extremes you can think of.

Our steel framed, DIY polytunnel kits are energy efficient, economical and ideal for commercial or amateur growers. The frame is made of high quality steel which is fully galvanised. The poles are an impressive 50mm diameter and 1.5mm thick. Our 3-layer poly fabric is a superior 200-micron thickness, offering anti-drip qualities on the inside and an anti-dust coating outside to slow down the gathering of dirt on the roof. Our frames come in 20ft (6 metre) or 26ft (8 metre) spans which should satisfy everyone from the amateur gardener right up to the professional producer. The length can be anything in 6ft (2 metre) sections so we can cater for the average home garden up to the biggest commercial site.

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