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​Our Polytunnels are carefully designed for self-building.

The instructions were written by us as we built one so they are very detailed, and contain lots of tips and photographs along the way. A great deal of work will have already been done when you take delivery so it’s probably fair to say that a reasonably sized garden tunnel can be erected over a weekend with not much more than a spade, a ladder and a couple of spanners!

OK, that might be a slight exaggeration and extra tools will make the job easier, such as a drill/driver, wire cutters and a few helping hands. And of course building it at home in your garden would be easier than building in an allotment unless you take everything with you, so we recommend you spend time to thoroughly read the installation instructions before you start building to familiarise yourself with the components and build method.

.... And you will get my personal mobile number to call me anytime if you have any questions before, during or after construction.

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