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We include all of the extras and upgrades you would expect from a top spec commercial grade polytunnel greenhouse bought in UK. We offer them in 6m or 8m widths (20ft or 26ft) and you can choose any length in 2m sections. Our superior poly covers are 200 microns thick and treated with an anti-drip inner layer and an anti-dust outer.

  • Arches/roof beams 50mm dia, 1.5mm thick tubular steel.
  • Hot dip galvanised to over 300 g/sq m.
  • Available in 6m or 8m widths. (approx. 20ft or 26ft)
  • Select your desired length, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m etc.
  • Simple, secure steel locking struts on base rails and outer arches.
  • Poly secured with simple zigzag wire for quick secure fitting.
  • Double sliding door, 1.5m wide x 2m high.
  • Tough, top quality, 200-micron poly guaranteed UV protection for 5 years.
  • Separate poly for roof and ends to prevent that ugly creasing when using just one sheet and having to pull it over the ends during construction.
  • All brackets/joints secured with nuts & bolts.

But look what you also get at our unbeatable prices;

  • Steel double sliding door – included.
  • Anchor plates to bury underground – included.
  • Steel base rails all round, with locking struts – included.
  • Steel storm bracing – included.
  • Extra horizontal brace bars – included.
  • Full set of crop bars on all inner arches – included.
  • Steel staging down one side to support work surfaces if desired – included (work top not included)
  • Twin overhead sprinkler system – included.
  • Manual, wind up/down ventilation system and insect netting down one side – included.

We carry a full range of spares if they are ever needed, to ensure a long life for your poly tunnel, and we also send you a free roll of repair tape for those accidental rips or punctures! 

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