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Buying a polytunnel from us couldn't be easier.

Just ask yourself these questions about other polytunnel suppliers;
1) Why offer a polytunnel with timber parts? – then charge more for a fully steel frame?
2) Why offer polytunnels for sale which are vulnerable in high winds? – then charge more for anchor plates and storm bracing?
3) Why offer a polytunnel as an ‘indoor’ growing environment? – then charge extra for an irrigation system?
4) Why offer a polytunnel for sale which will be like a furnace in the summer? – then charge extra for a ventilation system?

We don’t know why, so we don’t do it.

When you buy one of our tunnels, you get all you will ever need, in one click, one purchase and at a great unbeatable price.

​We don’t scrimp on quality, we use superior galvanised steel components all round. Our 50mm arches are secured with a nut/bolt rather than a common push/fit joint. We don’t use timber for rails or doors, our frames are 100% steel construction. Other companies do offer steel rails and doors, but they charge an arm and a leg for them, and our horizontal bracing is super-strong 40x20mm box steel profiles. 

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